Nicolas Rouillot


Student at Sciences Po. Paris

Educational Background

Master II - Sociology of action

Sciences Po. Paris

September 2009
Paris - France

The intention of this master is to train research professionals in the social sciences of action capable of analyzing the structure and modes of governance systems Multi-level actors increasingly complex and heterogeneous. Yet it is such systems, which are now the public and private collections and organized by the articulation and hybridization of various regulatory mechanisms.
The growth and modernization of national and multinational firms, the accelerated intertwining of economies and societies, the explosion of media, development and dissemination of knowledge and the increasing levels of government profoundly affects the fabric and dynamics institutions of our societies. These phenomena radically transform the terms of the collective public and private as well as its modes of organization and regulation.
Understanding and analysis of these transformations transcend disciplines and require the learning of theoretical and practical research capacity in "science of social action" and incorporating the modes of reasoning that the more advanced in the sociology, of organization theory, economics and political science.

Master II - Political philosophy

Lyon III University (Jean-Moulin)

September 2008
Lyon - France

The aim of this master is to prepare specialists in research in the field of history of philosophy in building on a rich potential in the Rhone-Alpes (Lyon III, ENS-LSH, Grenoble 2).
My topic of memory has focused on the concept of governmentality (Michel Foucault). To read a summary of this work:


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